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5 Reasons why Email Marketing is better than Social Media

Using social media platforms for branding and marketing your business is an important part of your overall digital marketing strategy, but there is one marketing strategy that is often overlooked and that is email marketing.

Online Marketing Traction – Tracking your traffic

It is really important to track the traffic on your website. This enables you to work out what traffic strategies that you are applying are working or not working. Most people use Google Analytics to track the traffic stats on their sites. I prefer to use both Google...

Online Marketing Traction – On Page SEO Optimisation

Now that you have identified your keywords you need to optimise your website with them. If you are using WordPress then I suggest you download one of these useful plugins and then fill in the required information for your website....

Online Marketing Traction – Using Keywords

Over the next few weeks I am going to do a series (Online Marketing Traction) of blog posts that will help you attract online customers for your local business. This is not intended to be a complete discussion on SEO and traffic generation but a startup guide to help...

Build a List of Your Website Visitors (Part 2)

Following on from yesterday's blog post about the importance of building a list of your website visitors, this post will show you how to start doing that quickly and easily. The simplest way to manage an email list is to use a email marketing service, especially if...

Build a List of Your Website Visitors (Part 1)

Creating a great looking website for yourself or your business is a good start but unless you encourage visitors to actually do something there, you are wasting your time and money. The website must encourage people to take action. Any action, but you will determine...

Why and How to Apply for a Credit Card Gateway Account

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. A wildly successful sale of an information product results in a random PayPal lockdown and the seller is not only left with thousands of dollars in his or her account that he can’t access, but now has no way to get paid. Or...

Directors Adrift on the Social Media Seas.

I recently attended a meeting with a high profile company in South Africa. The purpose of the meeting was to establish how we could make the CEO of the company’s internet presence more structured and reflecting more of the information that he wanted circulated. We...

14 ways to create referrals for your business and make it soar.

Marketing your business is hard work but there are several methods that you can use which are simpler and less time consuming. The most powerful form of marketing is ‘word of mouth’ but you have to proactively encourage it. The critical element is to make sure that...

Online Marketing Traction – 51 Ways to Identify Your Target Market

How well do you know your customers? Targeting the wrong audience is a common mistake.For example you have a newsletter or blog on pets. Yes you are targeting all pet owners, which is a huge category. While your site may receive a ton of visitors, if they love dogs...