Following on from yesterday’s blog post about the importance of building a list of your website visitors, this post will show you how to start doing that quickly and easily.

The simplest way to manage an email list is to use a email marketing service, especially if you’re technically challenged and want a simple solution. There are plenty of them out there, but for this example I am going to use MailChimp. At the end of the post, you will be able to download the full tutorial in pdf format for your reading convenience. 

MailChimp has both free and paid versions available. If you are just starting out I would suggest you start with the free version until you are comfortable with it. If you find you need more functionality, then go for the paid option.

In the tutorial (which you can download below) I cover two areas. Firstly how to create your account and setup your first list,. Then I go into some detail about setting up an autoresponder. Autoresponders are a sequence of emails that you write up that you schedule to go out in scheduled increments. For example, when someone signs up to your list, you can get MailChimp to automatically send out a follow up message 3 days later.

You get to specify the sequence and frequency of the emails. Before you start though, I would recommend that you brainstorm a series of emails and write them up. Planning what you are going to say will depend on what you want your readers to do. Are you going to sell them something? Do you want to provide valuable information about a particular topic? Do you want them to give you some feedback as to their needs and problems?

Once you have a solid content strategy in place, then go and create the autoresponders.

Let me know if you have any questions via the comments section below.

Download the tutorial here: Build a list of your website visitors using MailChimp.

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